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The close of an organization’s fiscal year provides an excellent opportunity to assess financial performance, 包括筹款领域的betvlctorios版和成功. One important element of such a review is a fact-based underst和ing of the current philanthropic climate, 区域和国家. 而不是依赖于过去的结论或一般的给出模式, 审查关于国家供资趋势的最新数据是有利的. 研究来自两个广泛被关注的来源, 给美国美国银行私人银行 (以前你.S. 信任), can provide context 和 benchmarks for underst和ing recent financial performance of arts 和 文化 organizations compared to overall nonprofit philanthropic trends.


《betvlctorios版》:2018年慈善事业年度报告 提供有关慈善捐赠的大量当前数据. Researched 和 written by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, this publication of the 给美国 Foundation provides an excellent overview of nationwide philanthropic trends.

The report estimates that total charitable giving from all sources was approximately $428 billion in 2018, 增加0.以当前美元汇率计算下降了7%或下降了1.经通货膨胀调整后为7%. This is the second consecutive year that giving has exceeded $400 billion in a single year. 尽管慈善捐款仍然很高, buoyed by a 5 percent increase in personal disposable income 和 5 percent growth in the GDP, the results for charitable giving showed an uneven distribution of growth among giving sectors. 以往捐赠模式的转变可以归因于几个因素, 最重要的是新税收政策和股市的不稳定. 个人和家庭的捐款更少, 最有可能的是对税收政策加倍标准扣除, 而基金会和公司则可以贡献更多, 部分原因是过去几年股市的健康发展. The decline of the stock market in late 2018 may have had a more recent negative effect across giving segments—adding to the complex giving climate.

去年, total giving for nonprofit organizations 和 charities increased in three out of four major funding sectors. 在2920亿美元, 个人捐赠仍然是最高的主要资助部门, though it comprised less than 70 percent of overall giving for the first time in 50 years.



给美国 Foundation’s report shows that charitable contributions in 2018 increased in only two of the nine major types of recipient organizations (international affairs 和 environment/animals), 与艺术和文化部门(艺术, 文化, 和 humanities) receiving an estimated $20 billion in contributions from all sources. 这只是一个0.3 percent increase from the previous year 和 a 2 percent decrease after inflation adjustments, 占2018年总人数的5%. 在强劲的2017年之后,对基金会的捐款增长最快, 和 International affairs organizations showed the largest growth of the sectors.

The following graphics show the 2018 contributions by recipient category by percentage of the total as well as percentage comparisons with reported 2016 和 2017 contributions.

行业捐赠2018 (2)

一个免费的概述 给美国2019信息图表 提供今年报告的背景和见解. The complete report contains detailed data analysis 和 is available for purchase through the site in several formats.


Giving is a very personal behavior that reflects emotional needs 和 individual philanthropic goals. 美国银行的 2018 U.S. 关于财富和价值的信任洞察® 这项调查调查了富裕家庭的慈善行为和偏好. The survey affirms that giving back to society is a priority among the vast majority of high-net-worth individuals 和 families. 根据调查结果, contributing to the greater good is an important goal for these individuals 和 families, 下面列出它们如何产生影响:



根据 2018年全球捐赠趋势报告, 《betvlctor韦德网站首页》的姊妹报告, philanthropic giving trends throughout North America mirror those solely in the United States. 的2,605名北美受访者, 76 percent stated that they volunteer their time 和 66 percent stated that they attend fundraising events. 健康和保健(12%), 儿童和青少年(11%), 和 animals 和 wildlife (9 percent) were the top three giving recipient categories in North America. The Global Trends in Giving Report provides additional information indicating how all North Americans give, 60%的北美捐赠者更愿意在网上捐款, 相比之下,只有17%的人通过直接邮寄, 8%通过PayPal支付, 现金支付6%, 还有5%的银行转账或电汇. 在51%, the majority of respondents indicated that the social media platform that inspires the most giving was Facebook.



It is vital that arts 和 文化 organizations create strong, healthy philanthropic 文化s. Part of that effort is focused on the inclusion of both hard 和 soft data when developing solicitation strategies. 而检验可量化的事实是至关重要的, 比如捐赠者在哪里,捐了多少, a review of the softer data related to specific donor relationships 和 interests is crucial. Arts 和 文化 organizations should use data to ask their donors leading questions, listening carefully over time to ensure a clear underst和ing of the impacts they seek prior to asking for a contribution. 关注他们给予的动机, 与组织的betvlctor韦德网站首页, 以及他们家庭或企业的慈善文化. 考虑近因, 频率, 和 capacity for giving 和 how that might best inform their potential level of financial commitment. 这些问题的答案, 以及适当的捐赠研究, provide significant insights 和 support the building of stronger relationships with donors—resulting in increased contributed revenue for arts 和 文化 organizations.


琳达 Lipscomb ACG Vice President Contributed 收入提高 Fundraising Development

琳达 以至于,副总统

琳达 Lipscomb于2016年加入ACG, 拥有近30年的筹款经验, 包括协助大型资本活动, 最大化年度基金及巨额捐献计划, 进行可行性研究, 并提供临时管理betvlctor韦德网站首页. Ms. 利普斯科姆曾担任过几个临时管理职位, 领导沃斯堡歌剧院的发展部门, 沃斯堡交响乐团, 温哥华美术馆. She has also guided capital campaign efforts at Ruth Eckerd Hall 和 The Independent School, 等. In her role as Interim Vice President of Development at 沃斯堡交响乐团, she was responsible for achieving annual contributions of $5 million 和 successfully led the effort to meet a $1.5百万betvlctorios版赠款目标. 她的工作延伸到ACG的高管搜索实践, supporting clients through critical leadership transitions 和 assisting with the placement of executive leadership 和 key fundraising roles. 在加入ACG之前, 她领导达拉斯艺术博物馆的发展部门, 弗吉尼亚美术博物馆, 美国红十字会在达拉斯, 达拉斯交响乐团. Ms. Lipscomb holds a bachelor of arts in history of art from Sweet Briar College in Virginia 和 a master of business administration in finance 和 marketing from Southern Methodist University. 作为一名积极的志愿者, she currently serves on the board of directors for Friends of Art of Sweet Briar College 和 chairs the marketing committee.


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